RONET version 2.0 (2009) is structured with many configuration options for use in developing countries to help decision makers in determining appropriate levels of interventions, plan allocation of resources and design road asset management systems. The SSATP has planned to disseminate RONET to its member countries and regional associations in SSA in order to promote its wider application and contribute to strengthening of planning capacities within the road agencies and road funds for efficient and effective road asset management. The first batch of training was conducted in June 2012 for Francophone and Anglophone participants in SSA under the leadership of ARMFA. It was demand-driven and co-financed by participating countries. The intention is now to work with ARMFA, ASANRA and AGEPAR to pursue the training and to create a critical mass of qualified trainers for RONET. This has been included in ARMFA’s annual work program for 2013.