The activity has for objective to help the regional road associations play an increased leadership role in fostering efficiency in road asset management in Sub-Saharan Africa. It involves support to ASANRA in the peer reviewing of road asset management practices in Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) countries. This work is implemented in collaboration with ARMFA SADC focal group, and the SSATP will co-finance a road management expert who will participate to the exercise. Its main objective is to institutionalize good road management and financing practices and results effectiveness in the SADC region. It involves self-assessments by road agencies and road funds on performance in road asset management. The peer review will apply recommendations of the work on ‘Progress on Commercialized Road Management in Sub-Saharan Africa’, which provides a framework for measuring performance across countries. Based on the results of the review and set benchmarks, a plan of action will be prepared with ASANRA and ARMFA for improving road asset management practices in SADC countries.