The Transport Observatory Program aims at a double objective: 

  1. assist corridor authorities and RECs in establishing corridor performance monitoring mechanisms,
  2. refine and expand the toolbox of diagnosis and measurement instruments that constitute the transport observatories.

Since the launch of the Transport Observatory Program, the transport facilitation community that forms the Transport Coordination Committee of the Regional Economic Communities (REC-TCC) is the forum in which methodology and results of performance monitoring are discussed. It gathers RECs, countries, corridors, regional industry organizations and development partners. It provides a platform for regional integration focusing on the synergies at the regional and country levels through knowledge and knowledge sharing.

The first meeting of the REC-TCC which took place in March 2012 in Mombasa (Kenya) after the launch of the Transport Observatory Program was an opportunity to discuss the preliminary results.
The second meeting of the REC-TCC, building on the conclusions of the previous one, was held in October 2012, in Cotonou (Benin).
The third Meeting was held in Johannesburg in April 2013