SSATP to host BBL on “Progress on Commercialized Road Management in Sub-Saharan Africa” – September 5th at 12:30 at the World Bank
The objective of this BBL is to present progress in road management reforms in Sub-Saharan Africa based on the SSATP Working Paper No. 92, ‘Progress on Commercialized Road Management in Sub-Saharan Africa’ (2012) focusing on lessons and recommended framework of assessment of road management practices, and promote application of the recommended framework for performance assessment of the road sector reforms for continuous improvement of road management practices. The event presents opportunity for Managers and Task Team Leaders responsible for road sector projects in the World Bank to discuss options and scope for improving road management practices through their operational projects and thus contributing to institutional sustainability of the road sector in client countries.

September 05, 2013
Washington, DC
Country : 
United States