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Africa Sustainable Transport Forum (ASTF)

The SSATP, World Bank, UN-Habitat, UNEP and the Government of Kenya are launching the Africa Sustainable Transport Forum (ASTF) to provide a platform for African stakeholders to learn, share, collectively commit and self-initiate an action framework to reduce congestion, climate emissions and improve road safety and health and accessibility for its citizens.

Good Practice

Promouvoir la sécurité routière en Zambie

Malgré un faible niveau de motorisation, l'Afrique détient le record mondial du taux de mortalité lié à la route, enregistrant à elle seule 16% des décès par accident de la circulation. Le SSATP cherche en étroite collaboration avec le Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP) en Zambie à mettre en avant l'importance de la sécurité routière aux niveaux régional et national.

Promoting Road Safety in Zambia

Africa is the continent with the highest road fatality rates in the world. The estimated annual number of deaths is around 200,000, a figure that represents 16% of the global deaths. In this video clip produced by the Africa Transport Policy Program, we see how road safety is being addressed in Zambia.

Voices from Africa

Kweku Mandela

Kweku Mandela on Road Safety as a Human Rights Issue at the World Bank

This sound bite was extracted from a video clip of an event held at the World Bank in Washington DC in May 2013 during Road Safety Week. The Africa Transport Policy Program got permission to use this sound bite.

Jean Acri

Interview with Jean Acri, Head of International Road Transport Union

Mr. Acri discusses the role of the International Road Transport Union, the partnership with the African Road Transport Associations, the role of the SSATP and the challenges faced by the African transport sector. Attention is also given to the topic of road safety in Africa and importance of investing in capacity building of drivers. Acri also presents the IRU Academy, an institution that seeks to develop standards for training professional drivers