Document de travail SSATP No. 66F

While the document "Trade and Transport Facilitation - Audit Methodology" applies a practical approach to the general context of project evaluation, it appeared useful to expand, in particular, the section on Analysis of Corrective Measures, and compile the results within these guidelines. This document presents a first step into what should be a process of continuous evolution, through the monitoring of methodologies and principles in light of each new experience, towards an improved approach for future application, whose objective is trade and transport facilitation in developing countries. Trade regulations among national borders - at ports, airports, country borders - impose a complex array of formalities, structuring imports, production, and distribution, which hamper foreign direct investments. These guidelines provide a number of initial recommendations and suggestions, such as the requirement (as necessary) to expand fundamental concepts, or to clearly define the required regulatory framework, specifying the practical application of new regulations, and their respective valid institutionalization.

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Date of Publication (Year): 
Nov 2001
John Raven