Building Knowledge that Works

Building Knowledge that Works


The SSATP pyramid should help policy-makers and practitioners navigate efficiently through the cycle of the decision process and the action process. The decision process involves building knowledge and capacity—the two main building blocks of the SSATP mandate. Its work starts at the base with the collection of reliable data and the creation of a strong knowledge platform with the contribution of the relevant specialists who can then convert, after analysis, the findings into policy recommendations for effective interventions.

The interventions, as part of the action process and with the engagement of all stakeholders, are shaped within a strategy stating measurable and time bound targets, prepared in consultation with all relevant actors. This leads to an action plan which specifies the measures to implement. The results need then to be monitored and evaluated, starting a new cycle.

All SSATP partners will be familiar with the concept behind the SSATP pyramid, or will immediately be able to point on the pyramid the level where they are engaged. The SSATP itself as a policy development program doesn’t cover the full cycle; where its work stops, starts the work of others. If the SSATP is exclusively involved in the decision process, development agencies and governments will carry the efforts into the action process. But many more partners or actors are engaged into the building of an efficient and sustainable transport system. The pyramid illustrates the importance of these collective and coordinated efforts.

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