This policy brief is the result of a collaboration between SSATP and UITP. It argues for the establishment of Public Transport Authorities (PTAs) in Africa and forward some principles to do so based on the Organising Authorities Committee (OAC) of UITP and SSATP experience.

Organizing Urban Mobility Systems is a complex issue as it depends on the context. In the last Trends Report, UITP looked at different cities all over the world to demonstrate the challenges to advice on a specific form of organization regardless of cities specific circumstances. While there is a global awareness of the need to improve the structures and the processes that underpin the delivery of mobility infrastructures and services, the diversity of solutions and arrangement prevails at the local level. Still, there is some promising practices. One of them is the establishment of a Public Transport Authority (PTA).

The Forum Africities 8 held in Marrakech on November 20-24, 2018, served as the appropriate backdrop for advocacy, where both teams had the chance to present and share with participants.

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