To assist transport policy makers, the SSATP has developed and is collecting toolkits and methodologies. These instruments are intended to help its member countries develop and implement sound and sustainable transport policies. They provide guidance to the sector authorities for understanding key issues and moving towards the implementation of a transport strategy and an action plan.

stratefu development

Strategy Development

A Framework for a Pro-growth, Pro-poor Transport Strategy
Guidelines for a Poverty Reduction & Transport Strategy Review


Road Management & Financing

Progress on Commercialized Road Management in SSA


Urban Mobility & Accessibility

Urban Bus Toolkit

Public Transport Fares Toolkit

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

Rural Mobility & Accessibility

Methodology for a Rapid Assessment of Rural Transport Services
Guidelines for Low Volume Sealed Roads
Rural Transport Knowledge Base 
Local Transport Solutions for Rural Development
Rural Transport Training Material


Regional Coordination

Guidelines for Overload Control



Toolkit for Improving Rail Sector Performance


Gender & Inclusion

A Resource Guide for Mainstreaming Gender in Transport