Addressing the infrastructure gap in Africa, in particular in transport, has contributed to put in place the foundation for accelerating economic growth. These efforts are indeed bearing fruits, especially in terms of improved accessibility and connectivity – new areas are getting opened up and communities are getting better connected to services. This notwithstanding, the price of transport services in Africa is still one of the highest, the quality of services is overall poor and modern transport logistics is in general lacking. Indeed, infrastructure is only a means to an end and not an end in itself. The solution to the transport efficiency problem lies, not only in plugging the infrastructure gap, but perhaps more aptly in addressing the policy aspects that positively influence the way the infrastructure is used.

With this realization, member countries requested SSATP to commission a study to review the performance of transport policies in Africa as an initial learning step towards the determination of the policy areas of focus for the future. Based on the findings of the study and gleaning from other policy work in the transport sector in Africa, the SSATP is releasing a concise note entitled “Towards More Robust Transport Policies”. The note targeted at policy makers aims to provide guidance in a number of policy areas to strengthen the development impact of transport policies that are necessary to sustain economic growth.

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Jan 2015
Justin Runji