SSATP Working Paper No. 43

The review presents an overview of the road sector in the seven UDEAC countries and in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It examines the adequacy of the infrastructure services as well as the efforts to improve financing and management and, thus, the sustainability of service and efficiency. The Central African Republic and Chad are the two truly landlocked countries in the region. However, the Democratic Republic of Congo also faces many of the same problems because of its vast land area and the narrow outlet to the Atlantic Ocean in the west. These countries depend on transit road traffic through neighboring countries, and international through routes become lifelines for import and export. All the countries share similar problems in regard to international trade transport. In 1997 the eight countries spent about US$65 million as recurrent costs for maintenance. This expenditure was only about one fourth of the estimated US$260 million needed to keep the road networks in a stable condition.

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Date of Publication (Year): 
Nov 1999
Ole Kr. Sylte