Data improve governance by increasing transparency and accountability. Adequate and reliable data are necessary to underpin policy decisions and to measure their effectiveness. However, in Africa few Transport Sector Data Management Systems (TSDMS) are established by transport agencies based on internal demand. As a result, there is a wide perception that high-level policy decisions in the transport sector are not taken based on evidence supported by actual data.

In response to the demand and to address the challenges of data in Africa, SSATP is releasing its Working Paper No. 104 entitled In Search of Evidence to Define Transport Policies, Transport Sector Data Management Systems: Policy Note & Guidelines. The paper provides guidance to countries for designing and establishing such systems. The Policy Note advocates for and advises on setting up the proper technical, institutional, and financial capacity. The Guidelines advise on how to assess existing monitoring and evaluation systems, and detail the process to design and establish an appropriate Transport Sector Data Management System. Both capture valuable lessons learned and propose alternative ways to overcome commonly found challenges in Africa.

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Date of Publication (Year): 
Jan 2015
Alberto Nogales