SSATP Working Paper No. 2, Volume I

This paper reports on the discussions and conclusions of the three working groups which have been established to deal with the main topics: (a) macroeconomic impact of maritime transport on the African economies; (b) structural evolution of maritime transport; and (c) maritime transport policy. At the conclusion of four days of intensive debates, the participants approved a series of recommendations. These recommendations summarize the major issues to be studied that will allow participants to adopt a common development strategy for their shipping services and the improvement of the transport chain. The development of this strategy is planned for a follow-up seminar in 1993 or 1994. This project document defines a number of studies which would provide the basis for a common maritime transport strategy for the sub-region and inspire a general consensus on the best possible policy for West and Central Africa. These studies would aim at (a) redefining the mission of the shippers' councils; (b) measuring the impact of transport costs on the countries' export competitiveness; (c) reviewing the situation of transport facilitation; and (d) evaluate the prospects for the national shipping companies. The present document is organized into two volumes: Volume I contains the objectives and the organization of the Round Table, the conclusions of the working groups, and the final recommendations. Volume II includes the texts of the papers presented by experts to the three working groups.

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May 1993