SSATP Annual Meeting 2018 - Cover

This report captures the main conclusions and recommendations coming out of the discussions held at the AGM and its associated events on July 2–6, 2018 in Abuja, Nigeria. In accordance with the reporting requirements, at the meeting, the program team presented its annual report covering the January–December 2017 period.

Although the primary objective of the AGM is to report on the implementation of SSATP activities and the likelihood of the program achieving its intended outcomes, the meeting also provides an opportunity for thematic group discussions, as well as learning and sharing experiences. This year’s AGM was marked by an important innovation: partnership sessions aimed at fostering collaboration with partners working in the same thematic areas covered by the SSATP’s three areas of focus: regional integration, urban transport and mobility, and road safety. Overall, it gave the SSATP team a unique platform for learning and receiving feedback from client countries, partners, and other stakeholders.

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Jul 2019