The 2007 annual report which marks the end of the Long Term Development Plan (LTDP) that started in 2004. Over the past four years, Sub-Saharan Africa Transport Policy Program (SSATP) has become the lead program in facilitating transport policy dialogue and development among non-transport and transport sector stakeholders. Such success has reinforced the commitment of SSATP stakeholder in partner countries, the regional economic communities, donors and development agencies to ensure that transport strategies effectively contribute to poverty reduction, economic growth and regional integration. During 2007 the SSATP partnership expanded and now unites 35 countries, the regional economic communities, the main private sector transport associations and engages with civil society. There had been additional donor support with the return of United Kingdom to the program and a new donor, the African Development Bank. SSATP's continuous advocacy, during LTDP, on key policy issues, was effective in securing donor support for developing Africa's transport network. Furthermore, the regional economic communities continued to promote sound transport management along regional corridors. These efforts effectively contributed to sustaining transport networks and services, and improving interconnectivity within Africa. A major challenge in 2007 was the agreement of SSATP's second development plan (DP2) 2008-2011; the successor to LTDP. This was achieved through a participatory approach that involved all stakeholder constituencies to ensure SSATP remained relevant in a changing development environment. A wide debate confirmed that transport was still vital for economic growth and poverty reduction. DP2, therefore, will strengthen the promotion of sound policies and strategies for the provision of reliable, safe, clean, efficient and affordable transport.

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May 2008