SSATP Working Paper No. 65

The report is based on the Interim Work Plan for 2001 issued in February 2001 following discussions with donors at the Initial General Assembly Meeting held in Copenhagen. At that time a three-year program had been presented and discussed, and it was agreed that this interim program should be prepared. This executive summary includes a presentation, in tabular form, of all the planned activities under the Interim Work Plan, and what was actually achieved. Additionally financial statements set out actual expenditure in terms of components, activity categories, trust fund and World Bank allocations, and WB SAP accounting system codes and cost categories. Expected expenditure against actual, by component, is also included. The second part of the report goes into detail, component by component, with regard to the tabulated activities set out in this summary. The year 2001 saw stabilization of program management as the recently appointed Rural Travel and Transport Program (RTTP) and Road Management Initiative (RMI) component managers fully assumed their responsibilities, and a new full-time program manager took up the post in May. In June, a full time RMI specialist joined the team further increasing management capacity. Set against these gains was the fact that the 2001 Interim Work Plan developed from discussions with donors at the November 2000 Copenhagen meeting, elicited little response, and trust fund resources for the year fell by about 20% compared with 2000.

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Apr 2002