PRTSR Progress Report 2005 for 15 African Countries

The strategic objective of the Sub-Saharan Africa Transport Program (SSATP) for the period 2004-2007 is to anchor national transport strategies firmly in national goals and strategies for poverty reduction. To achieve this objective, a participatory process that enables country stakeholders to review and adapt their poverty reduction and transport strategies is being progressively implemented in SSATP member countries. This report presents an overview of the progress made by November 2005 in implementing Poverty Reduction-Transport Strategy Reviews (PRTSR) in SSATP member countries. The first chapter, written by the PRTSR Lead Coordinating Consultant, briefly summarizes the objectives and elements of the PRTSR process, the support being provided by SSATP to participating countries, and emerging lessons and findings. Subsequent chapters contain brief progress reports submitted by participating countries. These reports summarize the experiences of implementing the PRTSR process, and - for countries that have completed their reviews - the resulting recommendations and follow-up actions. Most but not all PRTSR countries submitted progress reports.

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Oct 2005