The Urban Transport 1998-2002 -- Strategic Development Plan

The World Bank's role in Sub-Saharan Africa's urban transport sub-sector has evolved in the last few years. Recent projects concerned specifically with urban transport (e.g., in Ghana, Kenya, and Senegal), are based on a comprehensive approach to urban mobility issues.


Qualité de l'air à Cotonou -- Synthèse

The note highlights the conclusions of the study on Urban Air Quality in Cotonou, carried out in 2000. The purpose of the study was to identify the major source of air pollution in the city, and quantify the costs associated with such pollution. Measures envisaged to limit air quality degradation, were grouped in three categories: technical and institutional measures concerning vehicles; operational measures, to improve effectiveness in terms of pollution; and, measures allowing a decrease in travel demand, i.e., urban planning policy.


SSATP Progress Report 1998

The present Sub-Saharan Africa Transport Program (SSATP) progress report, specifies that, while the Program's basic premises, still prevail - policy reform, essential to obtain improved provision of transport services, within a common regulatory framework on sector policies and strategies - it is however, at present, focusing on assisting African countries in capacity building, and ensuring an exchange of experiences, among countries facing similar options.

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