Urban Mobility -- Eleventh Steering Committee Meeting -- Introduction

This paper comprises the main reports presented during the Eleventh Steering Committee Meeting of the SSATP Urban Mobility Component. The major theme of the reports and discussions dealt with urban transport micro-enterprises. The choice of this theme reflected widespread recognition that, in Sub-Saharan Africa, the overwhelming bulk of motorized transport relies on minibuses, or medium-capacity buses. This established fact poses a number of questions that formed the central focus for meeting. How are these micro-enterprises organized and financed?


Urban Transport Services in Sub-Saharan Africa -- Improving Vehicles Operations

The report presents findings, and the way forward in respect of the Knowledge and Research (KAR) Project on vehicle operations in Sub-Saharan Africa, basically undertaken in Uganda and Ghana. In the first phase, the study identified problems faced by transport operators in both countries, and analyzed their impact on vehicle operating costs, as well as examining transport regulations, and current organization of transport services and their impact on vehicle utilization.

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