Summary and conclusion of the study on urban transport dysfunction and air pollution in Dakar

This note presents the main conclusions of an on-site study of urban transport dysfunction, and air pollution in the Dakar agglomeration, carried out from August to November 1998, whose findings were discussed at a national seminar, which formed part of the Sub-Saharan African air quality initiative. Regarding the particular problem of air pollution caused by urban transport, the study and the recommendations, defined an action plan, being considered for financing, as part of a project preparation for increasing urban mobility in the Dakar area.


Promoting Intermediate Means of Transport

A transport system responsive to needs is recognized as a major prerequisite for the social and economic development of rural areas. In Sub-Saharan Africa, the rural transport system are, in general, in a very poor state. Accessibility in rural areas is low and fluctuates with the seasons, and transport costs are irregular but high. Transport needs claim a significant part of daily life for the rural population, especially for women of all ages.

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