Facilitation du commerce et du transport -- Guide pour l’audit, l’analyse et la préparation de plans d’action

While the document "Trade and Transport Facilitation - Audit Methodology" applies a practical approach to the general context of project evaluation, it appeared useful to expand, in particular, the section on Analysis of Corrective Measures, and compile the results within these guidelines.


Trade and Transport Logistics Facilitation Guidelines

The main objective of these guidelines is to advise on how to approach the complex issue of competitiveness in trade, and on how to achieve cost savings in logistics by reducing the time of immobilization of freight in transit. The interaction between transport infrastructure and transport and trade logistics is such that investments in infrastructure facilities and equipment will not reduce costs unless the institutional and operational logistics moving the freight and documenting are free from institutional or physical interference.


Training of Small Scale Contractors for Rural Road Maintenance in Lesotho

This note summarizes the methodology, challenges and lessons learned in the planning, management and organization of the Contracting Training Program (CTP) in Lesotho. The Contractor Training Program (CTP) started in 1994 with the main objective to phase out force account procedures for carrying out rural road maintenance, which were neither efficient nor cost effective.

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