Maritime Transport Serving West and Central African Countries -- Trends and Issues

This report is intended for key stakeholders in the maritime transport sector in West and Central Africa (West Africa) and provides an overview of the issues and problems highlighted during the Round Table on Shipping Services in West and Central African States sponsored jointly by the World Bank and the Ministerial Conference of West and Central African States on Maritime transport (MINCONMAR) was held in Cotonou, Benin on June 23-26, 1992.


Organisation, financement et rentabilité des micro-entreprises de transport urbain en Afrique subsaharienne -- Le cas de Nairobi

The sustainable development of developing countries' cities, namely African, depends on the performance of its urban transport systems, in terms of efficiency, of transport costs, on the energy economy, and on congestion issues. Based on cities experience, two competitive transport systems coexist - that of the large enterprise (private, in the case of Nairobi) - and, that of local communal microenterprise, the former being subjected to term limits, due to mediocre financial performances, consequently to subsidies.

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