The Urban Transport 1998-2002 -- Strategic Development Plan

The World Bank's role in Sub-Saharan Africa's urban transport sub-sector has evolved in the last few years. Recent projects concerned specifically with urban transport (e.g., in Ghana, Kenya, and Senegal), are based on a comprehensive approach to urban mobility issues.


Expanding Labor-based Methods for Road Works in Africa

Using labor-based methods for road works has been an important part of the strategy to improve rural transport infrastructure in Africa over the past twenty-five years. These methods not only produce gravel roads of equal quality to those produced using equipment-based methods, but they also generate rural employment in a accost-effective manner. Although labor-based methods have proved to be a cost-effective alternative to equipment-based methods in many low-wage Sub-Saharan African countries, these methods have not been applied on large scale.


SSATP Rapport d'activité 1998

The SSATP in its earlier years was driven by the desire of the donor community to see policy reform introduced in the interest of efficient use of donor funds. Now, as both the Bank and other donors increasingly work in a partnership mode with countries in project formulation (witnessed i.e. in the move towards SIPs), there is an emerging demand for the services of the program within the African countries.

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