Politiques et bonnes pratiques de transport rural en Afrique : Suivi & évaluation

Un système de suivi et d’évaluation (S&E) est un élément essentiel du processus de planification, de conception et de mise en œuvre d’un projet de transport rural, car il sert à déterminer si le projet a atteint son objectif de développement. Cependant, le suivi des résultats et la capacité de les utiliser pour une planification future est un grand défi pour le développement et l'amélioration du transport rural en Afrique. Le manque de données permettant de mesurer l’impact des projets de transport rural sur le développement et leurs effets positifs sur les pauvres est marquant.


Road Management Policy : An Approach to the Evaluation of Road Agency Performance

Efficient and effective road transport is central to the economic growth and development of all African countries, this mode accounting for about eighty to ninety percent of the continent’s total trade in goods and services. For this reason countries need adequate road infrastructure management policies, strategies and institutions to manage this crucial asset in an optimal manner including systematic means of measuring the performance of the road agencies as a basis for determining those factors that aid or impede the attainment of their desired results.


In Search of Evidence to Define Transport Policies: Transport Sector Data Management Systems

Data improve governance by increasing transparency and accountability. Adequate and reliable data are necessary to underpin policy decisions and to measure their effectiveness. However, in Africa few Transport Sector Data Management Systems (TSDMS) are established by transport agencies based on internal demand. As a result, there is a wide perception that high-level policy decisions in the transport sector are not taken based on evidence supported by actual data.


Africa Transport Policies Performance Review: The Need for More Robust Transport Policies

Addressing the infrastructure gap in Africa, in particular in transport, has contributed to put in place the foundation for accelerating economic growth. These efforts are indeed bearing fruits, especially in terms of improved accessibility and connectivity – new areas are getting opened up and communities are getting better connected to services. This notwithstanding, the price of transport services in Africa is still one of the highest, the quality of services is overall poor and modern transport logistics is in general lacking.


Good Policies and Practices on Rural Transport in Africa: Monitoring & Evaluation

A monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system is an essential element of the planning, design and implementation of rural transport projects and is useful in assessing whether projects achieve their strategic and development objectives. However, tracking results and being able to use them for future planning is a big challenge for developing and improving rural transport in Africa. There is a lack of evidence on both the development impacts of rural transport improvements and more importantly the benefits they bring to the rural poor.

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