Reviving Trade Routes: Evidence from the Maputo Corridor

This new SSATP discussion paper reviews the experience of an apparently successful corridor to help understand optimal mix and trade-offs in reviving historical trade route. The Maputo Corridor, which had fallen in disuse during the troubled period in Mozambique, is widely regarded as one the successful corridors. It has experienced tremendous growth, attracted large industrial and transport investments, and strengthened ties between neighboring countries over its almost two decade long history since the end of the apartheid era in South Africa and the Peace Agreement in Mozambique.


Observatoires des transports sur les corridors : Guide pratique

De plus en plus, les systèmes de logistique reposent sur l’échange d’informations entre opérateurs et organes de contrôle le long de la chaîne d’approvisionnement, dans et entre chaque pays, anticipant les formalités administratives pour accélérer le mouvement physique des marchandises. L’information doit impérativement être disponible au bon moment pour optimiser les opérations de logistique.


Corridor Transport Observatory Guidelines

Trade and transport corridors are complex entities that have been defined as ‘a coordinated bundle of transport and logistics infrastructure and services that facilitates trade and transport flows between major centers of economic activity’. From a trader’s perspective, corridor efficiency and performance is all about cost, time and predictability associated with the seamless movement of freight along the corridors. In other words, corridor efficiency is all about the multiple dimensions of efficient logistics.

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