Africa Transport Policies Performance Review: The Need for More Robust Transport Policies

Addressing the infrastructure gap in Africa, in particular in transport, has contributed to put in place the foundation for accelerating economic growth. These efforts are indeed bearing fruits, especially in terms of improved accessibility and connectivity – new areas are getting opened up and communities are getting better connected to services. This notwithstanding, the price of transport services in Africa is still one of the highest, the quality of services is overall poor and modern transport logistics is in general lacking.


A Review of International Legal Instruments for the Facilitation of Transport and Trade in Africa

Transport infrastructure is essential for inclusive growth and poverty reduction but the investments in building and maintaining it remain sub-optimal as long as the movement of goods is not seamless across countries and (sub)regions. Harmonized standards, operations and processes are critical to facilitate international transport and trade and to eliminate market access barriers. Many countries negotiate international treaties or become parties to existing instruments in order to eliminate such barriers and achieve better regional integration.

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