The Urban Transport 1998-2002 -- Strategic Development Plan

The World Bank's role in Sub-Saharan Africa's urban transport sub-sector has evolved in the last few years. Recent projects concerned specifically with urban transport (e.g., in Ghana, Kenya, and Senegal), are based on a comprehensive approach to urban mobility issues.


Promoting Policy Reforms for Effective Transport Services in COMESA Countries -- Review of the Road Sector in Selected COMESA Countries (Eastern and Island Countries)

Concerned by the poor state of the road network in most of its member countries, the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) has been promoting reforms to help regional integration for effective transport services. COMESA has taken an interest in the Road Maintenance Initiative (RMI), which has been working with nine pilot countries, five of which are within the COMESA area, on ways to make road maintenance sustainable. Twelve COMESA countries were reviewed.

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