Pro-Growth Pro-Poor Transport Strategies

A pro-growth, pro-poor transport strategy or a PGPTS is a sectorial instrument that directs resources to transport interventions that support economic growth and poverty reduction, as well as creating a vibrant transport sector. It is also an essential tool to improve efficiency and effectiveness of resource utilization through increasing coherence between sectorial policy, spending and results. Transport plays a critical role in ensuring that a “pro-growth” approach has “pro-poor” effects in the long run.


Poverty Reduction Transport Strategy Review

The strategic objective of the Sub-Saharan Africa Transport Program (SSATP) for the period 2004-2007 was to anchor national transport strategies firmly in national goals and strategies for poverty reduction. To achieve this objective, a participatory process that enabled country stakeholders to review and adapt their poverty reduction and transport strategies was progressively implemented. The Poverty Reduction-Transport Strategy Review (PRTSR) process addressed two fundamental questions:



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