Africa Transport Technical Note No.23

In August 1996, the Heads of State of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) signed the Protocol on Transport, Communications and Meteorology, which sets a broad framework of regional cooperation between SADC Member States in the fields of transport, communications, and meteorology infrastructure and services. A primary objective of the Protocol is to promote the harmonization of policy, legislation, and administrative practices between member states to improve good governance within those sectors. In order to translate the words of the Protocol into practical and visible achievements, the Technical Unit of the Southern African Transport and Telecommunications Commission developed modeled legislative provisions (MLP) on road network financing and management. This complements MLP on Investment in Transport, which was prepared as holistic investment legislation addressing all aspects of planning, facilitation, and regulation of private transport infrastructure and services investment.

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Date of Publication (Year): 
oct 1999
Sandra J. H. Coetzee