Transport en Afrique Note technique No. 15

Until the late 1970s, the Finnish Road and Waterways Administration (RWA) operated as a highly centralized agency. Then RWA started its gradual reforms. In the mid 1980s, RWA began evolving into a market-oriented road administration. As part of the reform process, there have been profound changes in competition law, principles of public procurement, and in the legislation enabling the creation of state-owned enterprises and the commercialization of government agencies. The reforms have resulted in significant budgetary savings, a more streamlined bureaucracy, increased decentralization, greater transparency in procurement, and a more strategic approach to change and reform. The case of Finland illustrates how public management reforms can be successfully designed and implemented, leading to increased efficiency and improved service in road management.

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Date of Publication (Year): 
juil 1998
Lauri Ojala et Esko Sirvio