Module 1: Policies & Strategies

1:1:a Village level transport
1:1:b Case study: Travel and transport in rural communities in the Philippines
1:2:a Socio-economic impact of rural transport interventions and poverty alleviation
1:2:b Case study: The impact of feeder road investment on accessibility and agricultural development in Ghana
1:3:a Rural transport policy development process
1:3:b Case study: Rural transport policy development process in Malawi
1:4:a Rural transport safety strategy
1:4:b Case study: An affordable safety barrier for Nepal

Module 2: Planning, Design, Appraisal and Implementation

2:1:a Participatory Rural Planning Process
2:1:b Case study: Economic analysis of rural basic access roads in India
2:2:a Design of rural transport infrastructure
2:2:b Case study: Self help for LVR construction in Indonesia
2:3:a Rural road economic appraisal methodology
2:3:b Case study: Economic analysis of rural basic access road in India
2:4:a Labour Based Works Methodology
2:4:b Case study: Labour based technology in Uganda
2:5:a Small Scale Contractor Development
2:5:b Case Study: Comparison of four contractor development programmes
2:6:a Community participation in rural transport infrastructure
2:6:b Case study: A Western Ugandan road maintenance project

Module 3: Finance and Management

3:1:a Issues of local level management
3:1:b Case study: New institutional framework in Guatemala
3:2:a General road management issues: managing roads like a business, not like a bureaucracy
3:2:b Case study: The Zambian experience of a road fund
3:3:a Financing rural transport infrastructure
3:3:b Case study: Community financing of infrastructure - Mexico, Zambia and Egypt

Module 4: Rural Transport Services and Intermediate Means of Transport (IMT)

4:1:a Promoting the use of intermediate means of transport - vehicle choice, potential barriers and criteria for success
4:1:b Case study: Promoting the use of IMTs in Sri Lanka
4:2:a The provision of rural transport services: An agenda for reform
4:2:b Case study: Rural transport services in Mali
4:3:a Agricultural marketing and access to transport services
4:3:b Case study: Community access to marketing opportunities in Malawi
4:4:a Matching demand with supply in rural transport
4:4:b Case study: A market approach with concepts for finance and organisation

Module 5: Social and Environmental Issues

5:1:a Social benefits of rural transport
5:1:b Case study: Household travel in the Thuchi-Nkubu area of Kenya
5:2:a Women and rural transport in development
5:2:b Case study: Women and rural transport in Africa and Asia
5:3:a Transport and sustainable rural livelihoods
5:3:b Case study: Transport and sustainable rural livelihoods in Zambia
5:4:a Environmental Impact Assessment and Management
5:4:b Case study: Mkuze River crossing to Phelendaba, South Africa
5:5:a Rural transport survey techniques
5:5:b Case study: An investigation into the constraints on the availability of motorised transport services in rural Ghana
5:6:a Participatory rural appraisal
5:6:b Role play on rural transport planning


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