Africa Sustainable Transport Forum (ASTF)

Climate Change

The SSATP, World Bank, UN-Habitat, UNEP and the Government of Kenya are launching the Africa Sustainable Transport Forum (ASTF) to provide a platform for African stakeholders to learn, share, collectively commit and self-initiate an action framework to reduce congestion, climate emissions and improve road safety and health and accessibility for its citizens.

The goal of the forum is to facilitate dialogue across Africa on sustainable transport and work with countries to develop the ASTF Framework of action that reflects a common vision and a series of activities to achieve concrete results in the area of Sustainable Transport for Africa.  This framework will act as the main reference for the African continent to contribute to the global goal of meeting the growing population’s transport needs sustainably.

The ASTF will be attended by African Ministers responsible for Transport and Environment, technical experts from ministries responsible for Transport and Environment, civil society representatives, Regional Economic Communities, public and private sector organizations, and international development agencies and organizations.  All these key decision and policy makers will play a key role in establishing sustainable transport best practices, changes and solutions in Africa.  

ASTF is an opportunity to introduce sustainable transport and inclusive green growth into transport policies in Africa. The time is now - to achieve cleaner, safer, more efficient transport solutions & improve accessibility for all. Be part of the Sustainable Transport “FOOTPRINT FOR AFRICA” by attending Africa’s 1st Ministerial and Experts Conference on Sustainable Transport from 28-30 October 2014 in Nairobi, Kenya and joining the ASTF.

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