2017 SSATP Annual Meeting

Morocco February 20, 2017 - February 24, 2017 Programmatic Conference / Workshop Materials

The Annual Meeting of the Africa Transport Policy Program (SSATP) was held in Marrakech on February 20-24, 2017. Over 150 participants attended the meeting from 30 countries (8 Ministers, 4 Permanent Secretaries, 15 Senior Directors, 20 Senior executives), 8 Regional Economic Communities (ECOWAS Commissioner of Infrastructure, SADC, CEEAC, UEMOA, EAC, UMA, IGAD,  AUC), 8 international private organizations (IRU, ITDP, UATP, FEAFFA, ASANRA, UCCA, PMAESA, MCLI) and 8 International Financing Institutions and development Partners (EU, AfDB, SECO, AFD, WBG, UN-Habitat, GIZ, IsDB). Donors were very much pleased to register WBG high level and strong team presence (3 Practice Managers and the Country Director for Morocco).

Participants praised the strategic relevance of SSATP as a unique platform to discuss policies and strategies through a strong partnership and a client country’s ownership driven approach. Furthermore, participants also acknowledged that the three thematic areas of DP3, namely integration, cohesion and connectivity, urban transport and mobility and road safety were definitely top key priorities for Africa Transport challenges and noted that they were well aligned with Africa Development Agenda 2063 adopted by AUC. Finally they welcomed and commended the theme of the Annual Meeting: “African Transport Policies, aligning with sustainable development goals.”

2017 Annual Meeting Agenda - EN PDF  FR PDF                2017 Annual Meeting proceedings - EN PDF 


Monday, February 20

  • Introduction to SSATP DP3 – EN PDF

Pillar leaders’ presentations

  • Pillar A Integration, Connectivity & Cohesion – EN PDF
  • Pillar B Urban Transport & Mobility – EN PDF
  • Pillar C Road Safety – EN PDF

Tuesday, February 21

Integration, Connectivity, Cohesion Pillar

  • L’expérience marocaine dans la logistique verte (1) – FR PDF
  • L’expérience marocaine dans la logistique verte (2) – FR PDF
  • Port Performance Indicators – EN PDF
  • Container Terminal Concession Guidelines – EN PDF
  • AfDB – Supporting Port Transformation in Africa – EN PDF
  • IRU – Road Freight Transport Services Reform – EN PDF
  • Truck Monitoring in Eastern and Southern Africa – EN PDF

Wednesday, February 22

Urban Transport and Mobility

  • Introduction - Urban Transport and Mobility – EN PDF
  • GORA - Urban Mobility and Urbanization – EN PDF
  • ITDP - Smart transport for Africa’s urban future – EN PDF
  • UN Habitat - The New Urban Agenda in Africa – EN PDF
  • GIZ - Engagement in Urban Mobility in Africa – EN PDF
  • Plan de déplacements urbains Marrakech – FR PDF
  • CETUD - The Example of Dakar – EN PDF
  • GMA - The case  of Ghana – EN PDF
  • AfDB - Traffic Impact Assessment Study – EN PDF

Road Safety

  • Côte d'Ivoire - Stratégie Nationale de la Sécurité Routière – FR PDF
  • La sécurité routière au Sénégal – FR PDF
  • The Nigerian Road Safety experience – EN PDF
  • The case of Addis Ababa – EN PDF
  • Road Safety Indicators – EN PDF
  • SaferAfrica Initiative – EN PDF

Thursday, February 23

High Panel Discussion

  • Optimiser le potentiel d’intégration régionale de l’Afrique – FR PDF
  • Unleashing  the Regional Integration Potential of Africa – EN PDF

General Assembly

  • Annual report Presentation – EN PDF
  • SSATP Annual Meeting-Takeaways – EN PDF