About the SSATP Leaders in Road Safety Management Training Program

Zambia June 03, 2024 Road Safety


We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Leaders in Road Safety Management (LRSM) Training Program, a groundbreaking initiative by the Africa Transport Policy Program (SSATP). The inaugural edition is being held in Lusaka, Zambia, from June 3-7, 2024, in collaboration with Zambia's Road Transport & Safety Agency (RTSA).

Why This Training is Critical for Africa

Africa is grappling with a severe road safety crisis, with the World Health Organization (WHO) reporting over 225,000 fatalities annually due to road traffic crashes. This staggering number signifies not only a tremendous loss of life but also substantial economic and social burdens on our communities, costing most African economies approximately 3% of their GDP each year.

To combat this crisis, the SSATP conducted a comprehensive needs assessment and gap analysis to identify the most critical areas for intervention. This assessment involved consultations with key stakeholders, in-depth analysis of road safety data, and a review of existing road safety policies and practices across African countries. The findings highlighted an urgent need for capacity building in strategic planning, data management, and stakeholder coordination, among other areas.

In response to these findings, SSATP developed the LRSM Training Program as a pivotal step towards building robust road safety management systems across the continent. The program aims to save lives and foster sustainable development by equipping leaders with the necessary knowledge and tools to drive impactful road safety improvements in Africa.

Comprehensive Training Modules Aligned with the Safe Systems Approach

The LRSM Training Program was designed to align with the Safe Systems approach, emphasizing holistic interventions that consider the interaction between road users, vehicles, speeds, roads and post-crash responses to mitigate the risk of severe crashes and injuries. The training consists of seven modules delivered over a 5-day period, each reflecting priority areas identified through a gap analysis of road safety management capacity in Africa:

  • Module 1: Introduction and Road Safety Essentials (1hr 30min): Covers road traffic crashes as a public health issue and economic concern, the Safe System approach, and an overview of road safety progress and challenges in Africa.
  • Module 2: Institutional Leadership and Management Functions (4hr 30min): Focuses on legislative mandates, results focus, funding mechanisms, coordination arrangements, and the shared responsibility of road safety.
  • Module 3: Results and Data Systems (2hr 30min): Emphasizes the role of reliable crash and casualty data in road safety management, data collection methodologies, and identifying high-risk areas.
  • Module 4: Safer Roads and Mobility (5hr 30min): Discusses road safety engineering, design standards, management of high-risk locations, speed management, and plans for sustainable urban mobility.
  • Module 5: Safer Vehicles (4hr): Covers active and passive vehicle safety features, vehicle inspections, motorcycle safety, and the transportation of dangerous goods.
  • Module 6: Safer Road Users (5hr 30min): Addresses traffic rule enforcement, road user behavior, and the protection of vulnerable road users.
  • Module 7: Post-Crash Response Management (3hr): Enhances post-crash response, emergency medical services, and the importance of the golden hour in saving lives.

These modules collectively aim to create a safe, forgiving road system where mistakes do not result in fatalities or serious injuries.

Who Should Attend

The program is tailored for a diverse group of participants, including:

  • Senior government officials and policymakers responsible for road safety.
  • Leaders from transport and infrastructure sectors.
  • Representatives from non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and civil society.
  • Road safety advocates and professionals.
  • Academics and researchers specializing in road safety.

A Vision for the Future

The Lusaka edition marks the beginning of a larger vision to enhance road safety management capacity across Africa. SSATP is committed to scaling this training program and will host additional editions in various countries in the near future. Our goal is to equip leaders with the knowledge and tools needed to drive impactful road safety improvements and reduce road traffic fatalities across the continent.

Fore more information on LRSM, please find links to:

You can also contact us at ssatp@worldbank.org for more information on how to participate.

Together, let's make Africa's roads safer for everyone.