Policies for Sustainable Accessibility and Mobility in Cities of Rwanda - Policy & Strategy Paper

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Policies for Sustainable Accessibility and Mobility in Cities of Rwanda - Policy & Strategy Paper

Within the framework of its urban transport and mobility pillar, the Africa Transport Policy Program (SSATP) launched an activity to support eight pilot countries (Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Guinea, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, and Senegal) in the development of policies to improve accessibility and mobility in urban areas of Africa. Six thematic areas were considered priorities: (i) strengthening the institutional framework for urban transport management, (ii) creating funding sources dedicated to the management of urban transport, (iii) promoting the effective participation of civil society in urban transport management, (iv) improving multi-modal planning and operation of city centers, (v) improving the performance of public transport (in particular the reform of paratransit services), and (vi) organizing and implementing National Government assistance for the management of urban transport in secondary cities.

In Rwanda, this work was led in close partnership with the National Ministry of Infrastructure (MININFRA) and within this Ministry, the Minister of State for Transport. A field diagnostic cutting across the six above priority areas helped in identifying the most pertinent issues that affect Rwandan cities. Based on this diagnostic, preliminary findings and policy recommendations were formulated. The findings and initial recommendations were widely discussed on April 19-20, 2018 as part of the Urban Mobility Forum organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Infrastructure. The Forum allowed for a refined set of recommendations to be formulated.

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