SSATP Leaders in Road Safety Management (LRSM) Training Program: Final Report

June 03, 2024 Road Safety
SSATP Leaders in Road Safety Management (LRSM) Training Program: Final Report

The final report of the SSATP Leaders in Road Safety Management (LRSM) Training Program details the comprehensive approach utilized to develop the capacity building program based on the Safe System approach. It summarizes key findings and actions from each phase of the project, including:

  1. Gap Analysis: Identification of weaknesses in road safety management and advocacy, highlighting priority training areas for improvement.
  2. Training Program Development: Creation of a curriculum and training materials tailored to address identified gaps and enhance road safety management practices.
  3. Deployment Strategy: Outline of a strategy for implementing the training program through pilot and official events, ensuring broad participation and impact.

Designed to build capacity in road safety advocacy and management across Africa, the development process involved engaging with numerous stakeholders from African countries, conducting thorough needs assessments, and reviewing existing training programs to build a robust and effective training framework that addresses existing gaps and needs in road safety capacity building. This initiative aligns with SSATP's vision of forging safe, reliable, and sustainable transport systems with the aim of reducing road traffic fatalities and injuries in Africa.

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