Toward a Data-Driven Understanding of Trade and Transport Corridors

SSATP Working Paper April 02, 2024 Regional Integration Corridors Management Digitilization (cross-cutting) Transport Observatories
An Assessment of the Potential of the Existing Transport Corridor Monitoring Systems to Foster Policy Dialogue and to Strengthen Corridor Management Institutions in Africa
Toward a Data-Driven Understanding of Trade and Transport Corridors

This SSATP working paper is an evaluative exploration into the utilization of transport corridor monitoring systems to enhance corridor management across Africa. The report provides a comparative analysis of three monitoring instruments: the Corridor Transport Observatories (CTOs), the Corridor Trip Monitoring System (CTMS), and the Logistics Monitoring System (LMS).

The report assesses the potential of corridor performance monitoring systems to streamline operations, reduce trade costs, and improve the competitiveness of trade and transport corridors. It advocates for the integration of data analytics into the operations of corridor management institutions (CMIs), highlighting the transformative impact of data-driven strategies on the efficiency and sustainability of transport corridors. By leveraging real-time data collection and analysis, CMIs can better address challenges, advocate for infrastructural and policy reforms, and enhance overall corridor performance.

The significance of this paper lies in its timely contribution to understanding the critical role of data in optimizing transport corridors. It is a most useful resource for policymakers, development partners, and sector stakeholders. It underscores the importance of data-driven decision-making in fostering regional connectivity and competitiveness across African transport corridors.

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