REC-TCC Meeting: Workshop of Corridor Performance Monitoring

Mombasa Kenya March 26, 2012 - March 29, 2012 Regional Integration Events

The SSATP Corridor Program is a subset of the SSATP Regional Integration Component, aiming mainly at establishing transport observatories on several Sub-Sahara Africa corridors. This program was launched mid 2011, and is covering a period of two years, until June 2013. Most of the activities planned in the program had been launched by the beginning of the year 2012, and the time was ripe to review the status of the various monitoring exercises and surveys conducted so far in order to incorporate lessons learnt in the program. To that effect, a workshop, hosted by the TTCA (Transit Transport Coordination Authority of the Northern Corridor) in Mombasa on March 26th-29th, was organized on corridor performance monitoring, in which the regional integration partners of SSATP participated, constituting de facto a meeting of the Transport Coordination Committee of the Regional Economic Communities (REC TCC). The discussions that took place during the workshop will assist in refining the action plan for the remaining period of the Program.

The aim of the meeting was to share with all stakeholders the approach and tools developed for corridor performance monitoring, based on the following principles:

  • Continuous performance review is necessary to monitor corridor efficiency and effectiveness of the facilitation programs in place. This is the primary purpose of the transport observatories discussed in the second session of the meeting
  • When performance review reveals dysfunctions, a targeted diagnostic must be performed to identify the causes, and guide the design of adequate interventions. This may be achieved either by analyzing disaggregated data contained in the transport observatories, or, eventually, by applying specific monitoring and diagnostic tools, discussed in the third session of the meeting.

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