The Ethiopia Road Sector Development Project

HIV & AIDS Good Practices

The Ethiopia Road Sector Development Project (RSDP), implemented by Ethiopian Roads Agency, was the first transport project to include HIV/AIDS prevention clauses in its works contracts. The work started in 1998, and it took three years to mainstream HIV/AIDS prevention and control activities within ERA and in the RSDP construction projects. The project team encountered multiple obstacles in implementing HIV/AIDS programs because the issues surrounding sex and STIs were considered as taboo, and awareness within the ERA staff about HIV/AIDS was very low. The Bank team assisted the ERA to apply for funds from the Ethiopian MAP to be used for raising awareness and preparing a prevention strategy. In July 2004, the ERA completed the HIV/AIDS strategy and policy documents, established a VCT service within the ERA headquarters’ health clinic, and organized a workshop in partnership with the Bank for helping five eastern and southern African countries to prepare transport HIV/AIDS prevention and control strategies.


Working with Road Contractors to Prevent HIV Infection: Experience and Lessons from the Ethiopia Roads Sector Program

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