Regional Integration Workshop in Nairobi, Kenya, December 8 to 10

Regional Integration

The SSATP is jointly hosting its first Workshop on Integration, Connectivity and Cohesion Policies with Northern Corridor TTCA in Nairobi from December 8 to 10.

SSATP is working in close cooperation with the REC’s Transport Coordination Committee (TCC) to effectively execute the activities planned for the Regional Integration Pillar. The issue of institutionalization of the REC TCC for effectively discharging its dissemination and coordination roles remains an issue in the context of SSATP Development Plans since 2007.
However, the issue has gained momentum as part of the discussion of successful implementation of the SSATP DP3.

The objective of the workshop is to seek the participants' opinion and contribution on draft concept notes for several activities of the Work Program of the pillar that had been identified during the last REC TCC meeting in Nairobi and during subsequent bilateral consultations. More globally, we are expecting to collect different areas of interest where the SSATP could help improve trade logistics, especially in corridors. The participants’ input will also be required to further increase the potential development of identified development corridors. Finally, this meeting will be an opportunity to strengthen the institutionalization of REC-TCCs and corridor management groups represented.

We are looking forward to meeting all the participants from different organizations in Nairobi.

Agenda for the workshop - HERE

Presentations by chronological order (click on link to download a pdf version) :