3rd Joint UITP & SSATP Webinar: Innovations and New Solutions for Small/Individual Bus Operators - How to Adapt to the New Normal?

Rwanda, South Africa, Nigeria, India - October 19, 2020 Urban Transport & Mobility Events

In the third edition of the informal transport webinar series organized by SSATP together with the International Association of Public Transport (UITP), discussions focused on how the use of new, low-cost and quick-win solutions and technologies can help the informal transport sector cope with the crisis and adapt to the new normal.

During the webinar, various start-ups presented case studies on innovative technical solutions that are bringing added value to customers, easing operating conditions, and contributing to the transformation of the informal transport sector in African, Latin American and South Asian countries. They also explored the question of data collection.

In a moderated roundtable discussion, the panel of speakers discussed the challenges they faced in implementing their solutions/services and how they overcame them, taking into account different points of view, namely that of end-users, operators and authorities. 

View the video recording of the third webinar.

Speakers and presentations:

Mr. Shami Eden Benimana, COO, Tap&Go at AC Group Ltd.  (Rwanda)

Mr. Moussa Habineza, CEO, Khenz Ltd. (Rwanda)

Mr. Mohit Dubey, CEO, Chalo (India)

Mr. Christoph Hanser, President, Trufi App (Germany)

Ms. Chantal Lailvaux, Head of Research, WhereIsMyTransport (South Africa)

Mr. Devin de Vries, CEO, WhereIsMyTransport (South Africa)

Ms. Damilola Olokesusi, Cofounder & CEO, Shuttlers (Nigeria)

Ms. Fatima Arroyo Arroyo, Senior Urban Transport Specialist, SSATP (moderator)


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