SSATP Fourth Development Plan (DP4)

SSATP Program Documents June 16, 2022 Programmatic
SSATP Fourth Development Plan (DP4)

The Africa Transport Policy Program (SSATP) launched its next five-year strategy cycle, the Fourth Development Plan (DP4), at the DP4 Stakeholders Engagement Meetings hosted by the European Commission in Brussels on June 16-17, 2022. Through the DP4, SSATP expects to play a central role in supporting the development and implementation of national, regional, and continental strategic priorities in the African transport sector. The DP4 defines SSATP’s strategic priorities and the resources needed to address transport policy challenges in Africa, building on what has already been achieved under past development plans.

Based on the recommendations stemming from the DP3 Mid-Term Review (MTR), consultations with key stakeholders, AUC strategic priorities, and SSATP’s comparative advantage, the agreed thematic areas for the DP4 are as follows:

Primary Thematic Areas:
• Thematic Area 1: Regional Connectivity and Economic Integration (RCEI)
• Thematic Area 2: Sustainable Urban Mobility and Accessibility (SUMA)
• Thematic Area 3: Road Safety (RS)

Secondary Thematic Area:
Thematic Area 4: Resilient Road Asset Management (RRAM)

To better align resources with priorities, and increase flexibility, the DP4 will utilize a two-phased approach for primary and secondary thematic areas. The secondary thematic area will be implemented when funds and resources are made available. The DP4 will also address the following cross-cutting issues: the COVID-19 pandemic and other communicable diseases, human capital development, women empowerment in transport, social inclusion, climate change, and using digital technologies to transform the transport sector.

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