Road Safety in Regional Trade Corridors

Road Safety Policy Recommendations
Road Safety in Regional Trade Corridors


This publication provides best practice guidelines for mainstreaming road safety in trade corridors investment programs in low and middle income countries (LMICs). The benefits of both physical and institutional improvements of trade corridors have often been compromised by the increases in road accident risks as a result of increased truck traffic volumes and higher speeds. Hence the need to maximize the effectiveness of these investments through more comprehensive and efficient interventions in road safety. However, the available guidance on how corridor projects should address road safety has been considered limited. These guidelines intend to fill this gap and provide a tailored approach to road safety priorities by (i) highlighting global best practice road safety management in regional trade corridors; (ii) summarizing current road safety management capacity in LMICs; (iii) outlining generic components of best practice road safety investment projects; and (iv) setting out a roadmap and a range of tools to assist the identification, preparation and implementation of projects.


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