Promouvoir des politiques et stratégies de transport qui assurent des transports fiables, sûrs, efficaces et abordables

The Sub-Saharan Africa Transport Policy Program (SSATP) promotes the development and implementation of sound transport sector policies and strategies, through and with transport sector professionals in SSA, in support of sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction among its partner countries. SSATP is now planning its 2008-2011 Development Plan (DP-2), the second four-year cycle of the programmatic approach adopted in 2004 (2004-2007). The Long-term Development Plan (LTDP) was aimed at creating better awareness of the contribution of transport to poverty reduction and promoting a programmatic approach through convergence of program components. This document presents the proposed approach and implementation strategy for the upcoming period. The stated mission of the SSATP during the DP-2 will remain as under the LTDP-to facilitate policy development. The SSATP Development Program-phase 2-for the period 2008-2011 (DP-2) has been prepared to respond to the demands expressed by the 23 partner countries and supporting institutions, Regional Economic Community (RECs), as well as bilateral donors. This report concludes that to achieve the purpose of the DP-2, the SSATP will focus on three broad themes. (a) Comprehensive pro-poor and pro-growth transport sector strategies (b) The results will deliver effective institutional and financial arrangements adopted for safe, reliable, efficient, and affordable road transport services and infrastructure by the end of the plan (c) Improving transit transport along selected corridors.

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sep 2007