Document de travail SSATP No. 74F

The report contains the guidelines for railways concessions, which present the methodology for regrouping a set of instruments, aimed at setting the operational structure for concessions within the railways transport sector. Following the definition and characteristics of concessions, the report examines the status of reforms in Sub-Saharan Africa, synthesizing main experiences. It then specifies issues to be pursued, in order to maximize satisfactory concession operations, and, analyzes the requirements needed for the potential integration into a concessions convention. Selection procedures are analyzed for an efficient implementation of concessions processes, and the guidelines further provide a framework that include types of terms of reference; texts on confidentiality, transparency, anti-corruption, and guarantee agreements; pre-qualification, and selection documents; concessions convention sample, among others. The analysis forms the basis for the implementation, and operational conduct of future concession agreements.

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Date of Publication (Year): 
mar 2002
Jean-Marie Gugenheim