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Welcome to the ITS Toolkit for Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) for urban passenger transport.

This is a self-learning tool for city transport leaders and their advisers, but also a public resource that provides guidance in the planning, design, implementation, and evaluation of an ITS program. The toolkit comprises this dedicated website, but is supported by a Companion Guide and Handbook that can be downloaded for printing as reference documents.

  • If this is your first visit

    If this is your first visit, then welcome to the Toolkit on ITS for Public Transport! We hope that this site meets your needs and becomes a valuable resource for you.

    There is a lot of information on this site, so it may take you a few visits to become familiar with it all. At this stage, we will offer you just a few pointers to get started:

    • We strongly recommend that you begin by reading the 'Overview' page. This gives a synopsis of what you will find on this website, and then a schematic of the end-to-end process for planning and implementing ITS in Public Transport.
    • The website is structured in levels of increasing detail. The pages you can link to from this homepage provide the higher-level information. There is at least one further level below them, in much greater detail.
    • The toolbar at the top of the page shows the main areas of the Toolkit. As you pass your cursor or pointer over them, drop-down menus show the next level of detail. No matter where you are on the website, you can always access these.
    • The toolbar on the left shows all the pages you can access from the page you are on. In this Homepage, it shows the first two levels of detail on the site. Please take a look at it now, it will give you a good idea of the structure of the site.
    • More detailed information about navigation, features and commands can be found in 'How to Use this Toolkit'

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  • If you have visited the ITS Toolkit before

    If you have visited the ITS Toolkit before, then welcome back. You are probably already a bit familiar with the layout, so here are a few suggestions to get more from the Toolkit:

    • Read the Guidance from end-to-end at the higher level - i.e. the Planning, Design, Implementation and Evaluation Pages. This covers the end-to-end process. Then read one of the pages at the more detailed level to see the type of information that is available.
    • Read ITS Application pages before reading the related ITS Technologies pages. The ITS Applications pages explain what the ITS aims to do and how it is used. This gives a better understanding of which ITS Technologies would suit your context.
    • Read one of the Case Studies to understand how ITS is used in practice. The Case Studies pay a lot of attention to the context as well as to the ITS they have deployed. The Case Studies page provides a quick overview of all 10 sites.

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