Fare Collection

Fare Collection is a core function of any business. Fare Collection has a special significance in bus transportation for four key reasons:

  • Transport Operators and Authorities usually offer a wide range of Fare Products, adapted to different market segments. The Fare Collection system needs to effectively manage this.
  • Transport Authorities seek to encourage public transport use by offering integrated Fare Products. Fare Collection systems need to be able to manage the different products, handle tickets issued by different providers, charge the correct fare, and allocated funds across participating Operators.
  • The fare collection process usually impacts on the dwell time at bus stops, and hence on the operational efficiency and costs
  • The high volume of transactions in an unprotected environment is highly vulnerable to fraud and evasion, which can impact heavily on the financial viability of the Operator

The Fare Collection cluster consists of six Applications:

  • Travel sales and payment
  • Fare calculation and charging
  • Travel authorisation and evidence
  • Interchange / transfer authority
  • Interchange / transfer rebate
  • Revenue accounting and distribution

Please note that there is a companion Fare Collection Systems Toolkit, which deals with the issues and technologies in greater detail.