Identification of correct fare to be paid

Establishing the price is a basic component of any purchase or transaction. The identification of the correct fare to be paid before the ticket purchase:

  • provides confidence to the passenger that he can afford to pay for his journey;
  • provides reassurance to the passenger that the price being charged is correct;
  • enables the passenger to make decisions about travel choice between services where there is competition in the market;
  • acts to speed boarding where there is payment on entry to the vehicle;
  • removes any excuse for over-riding on the fare paid; and
    • avoids potential disputes between passenger and operator. 

Furthermore, the information given to identify the correct fare needs to be:

  • intelligible to passengers;
  • comprehensive in coverage of the fare products;
  • accurate and up-to-date; and
    • easy to read and understand.

The manner and location in which the correct fare can be identified varies widely in international application. The following practices have been identified:

  • Information at terminal or stop
  • Information on the vehicle
  • Information remote from the service
  • Demand-responsive transport