Security and other customer services

Security and other Customer Services

Description / objective

This transport function involves the provision of security and other personal services for travelers. Safety and security are high-ranking priorities for travelers, not just while in the vehicle but also at stops and when accessing the network (especially after dark).

Other services that might be provided would depend on the social context and availability of alternatives in the locality, but could include traveler shelters, terminal waiting rooms, toilet facilities, and small-scale retail opportunities. Also specific provision may be made for travelers with special needs, such as impaired mobility.

ITS applications

ITS security applications include surveillance in the vehicle, at the station, and of infrastructure and facilities. Surveillance equipment would range from simple fixed wide-angle to remote-controlled adjustable pan and zoom video cameras, and involve remote monitoring and infinite loop recorders.

Advantages and cautions

Absolute reliance on surveillance technology is no substitute for the traveler reassurance that comes from the presence of uniformed staff from the operator or the transport authority. In addition, such personnel can provide information and assist travelers with special needs.